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Natural Beauty Visit mountain Olympus, the highest
mountain of Greece as well as green
mountain Kissavos and enjoy the
unique natural beauty of Thessaly.    
Meteora Meteora is a formation of huge dark colored rocks
that constitute a geological phenomenon of unique
beauty as well as an important monument of the
Orthodox religion.    
Plastiras Lake Plastiras Lake is an ideal destination for
excursions, outdoor activities and relaxation
during both summer and winter months.    
Traditional Villages Several traditional villages
lie in the mountains of Thessaly.    
Pelion Pelion, the mountain of the Centaurs is a perfect
tourist destination for all seasons.    
Sporades Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos.
Discover the unique beauty
of Sporades.  

Villages Lake Plastira

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Kalivia Pezoulas

Located on the northwest side of the lake, at an altitude of 820m. and 32km. from Karditsa. The village provides the easiest access to the lake, as it is built on the banks, and is one of two beaches in the area. Is busy, as it has shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. Also, here are the most numerous activities (archery, mountain bike, rides on the lake by canoe, waterbicycles, horseback riding, swimming, etc.). This point is the starting point for short trips, such as Fairy, mountain refuge Agrafa the amulet, etc.


One of the oldest villages Karitsa, built in 1100. altitude, on the southwest side of the lake. There has been some significant infrastructure for visitors. But over the village in a very steep slope at 1400m. altitude is almost carved a convent, Notre Pelekiti. The scenery is majestic and wild nature, viewing the untrodden Unwritten and a small part of the lake. In the village is also the Cave of Gaki, requiring an experienced guide for visiting the interior as it has not been utilized, is decorated with impressive stalactites and stalagmites and live in this large number of bats.


Located 23 kilometers. from Karditsa, on the southeastern side of the lake, just a few hundred meters from it. It is located at an altitude of 850m., Forest trees and overlooks the plains of Thessaly, tops Agrafa and lake. The village has rooms and 23 bed hostel Community. Also, a camping area with grills, fountains and showers. In the center of the village is the church of the Assumption with ornate, carved wooden iconostasis of the 18th century. Noticeable, yet visits are the Museum of Flora and Fauna Agrafa as tsarouxia and crafts, which is one of the few that still exist in Greece. For walkers, the landscape offers beautiful wooded paths as leading to the historic fountain Itamou, 3km. about south of the village.


One of the biggest villages of the lake, on the northwest side. Built at an altitude of 850m. the massif Agrafa, overlooking the lake. Located a short distance from it, and is 22km. the city of Karditsa. The village has lush vegetation, abundant water and fresh vegetables. It also offers many restaurants, hotels, catering for winter holidays, but the rest of the year, with facilities for sports (horse riding, mountain biking, mountain lake, canoeing, climbing, etc.). Every year the Easter period, revive old customs Kryoneri and dance events. On July 20 the local festival celebrated the Prophet Elijah (now in his new position, northeast of Krioneri) and place each August bike ride.


Located on the southeast side of Lake Plastiras and is 25 km away from the city of Karditsa. It is situated at an altitude of 745m. and overlooks the lake. Also offers hotels, lakeside restaurants and cafes and 'beach Lamperou", one of two beaches found in the lake. Point offers activities such as swimming, ydropodilato riding, etc. Just 4km. north of Lamperou and 800m. altitude, Agios Athanasios, there are hotels and taverns. Still, panoramic views of the lake, the mountains of Agrafa and "Sleeping Beauty Agrafa" a strange combination of mountains forming a woman lying along the ridge of Agrafa.


Village, built at an altitude of 700m. Surrounded by forests of oak and chestnut, The village is characterized as the balcony of Thessaly, since from the Mesenikola your gaze reaches Olympus and Pelion. It is also famous for tsipouro and good wine, especially for the dark red, the "Black Mesenikola" which is not cultivated elsewhere in the country and has been featured OPAP (Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality). In the village square there are plane trees and olopetri Church of the Assumption, one of the largest in the region of Karditsa.Every year 13-15 August in a designated area, in a lush forest becomes Mesenikola Wine Festival, famous for wine to be distributed free. In the same area, operates Cafe - Bar - Grill.


It is the largest village in the municipality Plastiras Lake is 22 km. the city of Karditsa and just a few hundred meters from the lake. Built at an altitude of 780m., On the northeast side of the lake, no views on this but the Thessalian plain, amid extensive forests of oak and chestnut. It is also the birthplace of General Nikolaos Plastiras, who first envisioned the construction of the lake. The village offers accommodation and grills. Notable attractions include the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in the northeast of the village, the Museum Plastiras the Cultural Center "Anthony Samarakis" and the main church of the Virgin Mary. Here organized the "Plastireia" 10-15 August and the traditional feast Agrafa Saturday of Carnival.


Located 15km. the city of Karditsa, east of the lake a short distance from it, at an altitude of 450m., overlooking the plains of Thessaly and the lake. It is a very picturesque village with stone houses, cobbled streets, hotels and restaurants. It took its name from the grape variety "muscat" cultivated vineyards of several years ago and today has a rich wine tradition. It is worth visiting the small arched stone bridge located 1km. outside the village, the monastery of the crown on top of the hill and post-Byzantine chapel of Prophet Elias.


A small village in the municipality Nevropolis Agrafa 42km. the city of Karditsa, a stone's throw from Lake Plastira. Located on the southwest side and at an altitude of 920m., overlooking the lake and forests of fir, beech and chestnut. The village has rooms, taverns with fresh trout and recreational areas outside it, ideal for picnics. Still, it offers wonderful trails as the dam, but also for hikers as to Vrangiana, Kousteso, Trovato, Zygogianneika, Observatory, Elatako and Doors Agrafa. Finally, recommended attractions are the monastery of Panagia Pelekiti built into the rock, from where there are views across the region, like the "cave Gaki".


It is the largest of the villages of the municipality Nevropolis Agrafa which is Municipal District. Offers an unrestricted view of the lake, on the southwest side of which is built in a distance of 30km. the city of Karditsa.The area is ideal for the development of numerous activities such as mountain biking on forest roads, hiking, archery, angling, canoeing and waterbikes on the lake, horseback riding, etc'. It is also an ideal starting point for visits to parks and historic monasteries "crowns" and "Mary Pelekiti", and the church of St. Nicholas, the interior of which is decorated with frescoes of the 16th and 17th centuries. Also here is the headquarters of the Allied Mission. The village has numerous hotel facilities and taverns.


Village, seat of the municipality Nevropolis on the northwest side of the lake. Built at an altitude of 900m., Both sides of the banks of the great river, overlooking a dense forest of chestnut and oak trees and the tops and Voutsikaki Moutsiara. It is 35km. from Karditsa and just 2km. from the beach Kalivia Pezoulas. In the village there are some houses, taverns and rural practice. Area attractions are the church of St. Panteleimon, the watermill near the river, stone fountains of Karagiannis and Holy Friday. Also performed folk festival on August 19 (position Alonon). Yet, in Pezoula born martyr Saint Seraphim whose honest skull kept at the Holy Monastery of Korona.


Located at the end of the road at a distance of 32km. the city of Karditsa at an altitude of 1000-1200m., on the northwest side of the lake. The village is built on a hillside and overlooks a beautiful forest of fir, the tops of Agrafa "Voutsikaki" and "Moutsiara" but some parts of the lake. Feature of the village is the central square of plakostrosti and all the shops are gathered around there. In the village there are also apartments and guesthouse. Things that everyone should visit is the Monastery of the Holy Trinity with the wallpaintings of the 17th century and is the jewel of the village with its stone fountains Papadeiki Limbo, Cassandra and Xirovrisi and forest fountain Nine Springs. From the fountain of Cassandra starts a passable road to the church of Prophet Elias, which continues until the saddle to "Paliomantri" and the fire lookout station on top "Kazarma". There is still a hike-hiking trail to the top "Voutsikaki", but it is harder.


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