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Monday, 10 June 2013 09:42

Faethon Olympus Marathon 2013

After last year's successful staging of Faethon Olympus Marathon, Sunday, July 14, 2013 will be held the 2nd Faethon Olympus Marathon, the organization which has assumed the Ski & Mountaineering Association Elassonas. An organization that tends to become a major institution for Thessaly but also for Greece.

The marathon takes place in the majestic Mount Olympus, home of the twelve gods of ancient Greece and participants are athletes from all over Greece.

This is a challenging and difficult struggle that will test athletes. The route covers approximately 43 km while the bulk is located at an altitude higher than 2000 meters. Athletes will move mainly on trails, ridges, peaks, mountains, alpine meadows, wooded ravine in a small dirt track and asphalt.

The marathon took its name from the mythological son of Helios, Phaethon. According to mythology, one day the sun left his son Phaethon to drive the chariot. In view however of Scorpio in the sky the young Phaethon lost his temper and control the chariot putting thereby threaten the Earth. The Sun why the frenzied movement of the chariot drew quite the Earth and caused fires and drying rivers due to excessive heat. To avoid the worst Zeus killed Phaethon with a thunderbolt and the corpse of Phaethon is said to have fallen in the river Eridanus.

Athletes who wish to participate in the 2nd Faethon Olympus Marathon can register via the official website of FOM while each athlete must pay the amount of 30 euros. On its part, the organizing committee provides athletes beyond the prize medals and cups to those distinguished as follows:

1) Buses will take the free movement of athletes from Athens and Thessaloniki. Come first served basis.

2) Those athletes desire can be accommodated for free in camps Kokkinopilos (in beds, or if you wish to scene) or choose a local hotel at discounted rates for athletes.

3) all athletes will be offered a free meal at the traditional taverns of the village after the race.

Starting point and end his village Kokkinopilos. For more information on the marathon route, and to be informed of any changes and details please visit the official website of the FOM.

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