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Natural Beauty Visit mountain Olympus, the highest
mountain of Greece as well as green
mountain Kissavos and enjoy the
unique natural beauty of Thessaly.    
Meteora Meteora is a formation of huge dark colored rocks
that constitute a geological phenomenon of unique
beauty as well as an important monument of the
Orthodox religion.    
Plastiras Lake Plastiras Lake is an ideal destination for
excursions, outdoor activities and relaxation
during both summer and winter months.    
Traditional Villages Several traditional villages
lie in the mountains of Thessaly.    
Pelion Pelion, the mountain of the Centaurs is a perfect
tourist destination for all seasons.    
Sporades Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos.
Discover the unique beauty
of Sporades.  


Mountaineering - Shelters

Olympus is ideal for climbing, since it has a large and well-maintained network of trails.



Ορειβασία Όλυμπος - Climbing Olympus

The main routes are:

  • Litochoro-Prionia 18 km long
  • Litochoro-Prionia through Enipeas.
  • Saws-shelter "Sp dear '
  • Refuge peaks
  • Litohoro-Gortsia-Muses Plateau Mytikas
  • Litohoro-Kalogiros Mytikas
  • Karya-Tops
  • Kokkinopilos Mytikas
  • Xerolaki Mytikas

Signposted trails

Path E4

One of the two European trails that cross the country. It begins in the Pyrenees, and after passing through N. France, Switzerland and Bulgaria enters the Greek border. Crosses Greece, from Florina to Gytheion the Peloponnese and Crete continues. A portion of the passing of the Larissa Prefecture of the top Skolio Olympus down to the Megali Gournal, crosses Stalagmatia, meets Kokkinopilos village and  direct to Livadi and then Sarantaporos and Tsapournia.


Path 02

National trail.
It connects Olympus with Pelion. Starting from the E4 European Path to Olympus. Passes from Karya, directed the Lower Olympus passing from Kalipefki and Rapsani, enters the valley of Tempi and from there to Kissavos.


  1. "Spileo Agapitos" The first shelter of the area is located at the position "balcony" with 2.100m Mafrolongou and belongs to the Greek Federation of Mountaineering Club (E.O.O.S). It has 100 beds, water, electricity, telephone, heating and restaurant.It opens from May to October 6p.m-10m.m.
  2. "Vrissopoules" It is the second shelter also located west of the ravine Mavratzis at the position Vrissopoules with 1800m height.The administrator is K.E.O.A.X  since 1961. It has 40 beds, kitchen, water, electricity, central heating and fireplace.
  3. "Chris kakkalos" It is located on the SW edge of the plateau Muses at an altitude of 2.650m and belongs to E.O.O.S. Administrator is the EOS Litochorou and has 18 beds, kitchen and water tank.
  4. "Cross" (Dimitrios Bountolas).It is located in the eastern side of the mountain at the posision with name Cross which is 9.5 km from Litochoro wiht 930m height. Administrator is the EOS Thessaloniki, It works as a bar and restaurant and can accommodate 30 people.
  5. "Giosos Apostolides" It is located on the plateau of Muses in Diaskelo with height 2.720m. and belongs to the EOS Thessaloniki.It provides accommodation for 80 people, water, fireplaces and organized kitchen  and is open from July to September.


Σκι Όλυμπος - Ski Olympus In the positition Vrissopoules on the southwest slopes of Mount Olympus and alt. 1,800 m, there is the military facilities of the training center and ski mountain race (K.E.O.A.CH.) which are accessible to the public.

The center has one track,with 2,450 m higher altitudeand 1,900 m the lowest.In the center there is a sliding ski-lift, but it lacks from infrastructure ski schools and rental equipment.

The center is located 40 km from Elassona and 20 km from Olympiada, the last 17 km is unpaved and it opens from December until March.

For more Information contact CH.O.S. Elassonas

Mountain biking

Ποδηλασία Βουνού Όλυμπος - Mountain Biking Olympus

The Thessalian side of Olympus and the mountains of Elassona (Titaros, Antichasia) are Ideal for tours by mountain bike, because their morphology.

In Pythium and Kokkinopilos in Drimo in Forest and in Verdikousia,there is a rich network of forest roads for this activity.

Also southern,at the forests of Karya and the plateau of Kallipefki there are beautiful walks to the Old Panteleimon of Pierias.

Paragliding and glider

Παρα-Πέντε Όλυμπος - Paragliding Olympus

Near of village  Kalyvia of Elassona is located the windsport Center of Olimpos. It is an organized space, which has a very good track off (6 km dirt road from the village) for paragliders and hang gliders at "Tourtofolia '(1,240 m) and landing area with many options (600 m).

Track off without much slope is near the village Drimos of Elassonas in alt. 400 m.The landing can be just outside Elassona (100 m) in an area that offers many alternatives. Here is organized the flying carnival and also is a training site of the Association of Air sports Larissa.

Other areas offered for flights is hunting area near Kalipefki and location "Petal" over Gonnoi.

"Vrissopoules." B A shelter also located west of the ravine Mavratzis position Vrissopoules at altitude 1800m. Administrator is K.E.O.A.CH from to1961. It has 40 beds, kitchen, water, electricity, central heating and fireplace.

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